How Hospitals Work

Just over three weeks ago my brother suffered a brain hemorrhage while on vacation with his family in the Dominican Republic. After an emergency medevac and a few weeks in two different hospitals he has continued to get better and

Property Taxes

One of the lessons from high school that I vividly remember is an explanation for why the government sponsors free education in public schools: The government needs to teach people to read so they can read a voting ballot and


In honor of summer and the long 4th of July holiday weekend, I figured I would reflect a little bit on one of my favorite summer activities: windsurfing. I learned to windsurf from my father during our annual family trips

House Hunting

Over the past couple months Miranda and I have been house hunting in Westchester. The process has been interesting to say the least. We’ve been out to look at homes four different times and have placed bids on a few


A couple experiences coalesced for me this week around the topic of career success. First, I happened upon this blog post on LinkedIn about Louis CK. The post talks about how Louis CK turned down a well paying steady job